What is Prana?

by ialmostbelieve



A subtle form of energy that permeates the entire universe.  Prana means life force or energy and is physical, mental, intellectual, sexual, spiritual, and cosmic energy.

In yoga, the belief is, through practicing asana (the poses) and pranayama (the breathing), prana is brought into the body, increasing vitality.  Prana flows through the body mainly in the nadis, or nerve/energy channels of the astral body.

Prana exists as both a negative energy and a positive energy:

Prana is an upward moving energy.

Apana is a downward moving energy.

The Five forms of Pranaic Energy are:

  1. Udana – Visuddha chakra prana
    Effort, will, speech, growth of the body & positive mental energy
  2. Prana – Anahata chakra prana
    the welcome center – receiving energy from eating food, drinking water, sensory impressions and mental experiences.
  3. Samana – Manipura chakra prana
    works your core organs gastrointestinal tract, lungs processing air but…

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