Nobody will ever understand…

by ialmostbelieve

Maybe my expectations are too high… it would sure have been nice. Or maybe it is a human necessity after all?

Alienation abounds in this age of information, globalisation, options, and perhaps, romanticism. Everyone is stuck in their own version of reality, in their own head. Nobody truly agrees on anything and this is not natural to the human mind. We’re not built that way… not until many, many generations to come. Variety and originality are essential but when everything is cliche and everyone’s word is next to worthless… what does it even matter. Everything is a gimmick, everyone is just trying to sell their book, everyone is an attention whore, everything has been done before. Nobody believes in anything, everything is outdated, nothing is sacred. Nothing is good enough, nobody is happy. You complain that I’m stuck in negativity. You complain. Hypocrite.